Bay Road Clothes (BRC) has been an established ladies fashion retail boutique in Gymea for 25 years. In December 2012 it was taken over by my mother Jackie, and myself, Melissa. I had just had my first baby and buying into retail at a tough time seemed like a silly idea to many. Well, 19 months later I am happy to say the risk has paid off and mum and I are living our dreams. We have always wanted a boutique of our own. This I remember from a very early age. My sisters and I would play shops at home- set up the clothes rack with the broom handle stuck in between 2 chairs, with a range of baby clothes hanging. We would take turns in roll playing- who was on the register, and who was the customer. Monopoly money was our currency. Mum has over 30 years in retail experience- many of our customers recognize her from Cronulla. This is where she worked for 18years. Also specializing in swimwear, mum has a great eye for dressing any body shape. I look up to her so much- her passion and excellence in customer service is so rare. She is one of the best dressed 50 year Old’s I know (sorry mum- you really only look 35!). Her honesty and kind heart is what our customers come back for. It’s not often you hear a sales person tell the customer to go and have a coffee and if they are still thinking about the outfit they tried on- come back ! 99% of the time they’re back. In fact, most of the time they don’t leave the store without it! They feel comfortable and not pressured into buying – which is what we want our customers to feel. A little background on myself. I have worked in the retail industry from the age of 12 ( not full time, that would be slightly frowned upon!). My feet got wet in the Spring Fair Festival in Cronulla which is a 2 day event where the entire mall is shut off from transport and stalls flood the street. I had a bumbag with a small float and my comfortable shoes on, as the days were long and busy. This was just the start of my career in the fashion industry. Now aged 27, I am happy to have experienced the last 7 years in fashion wholesale. Working in one of NSW leading fashion agencies- MBA Fashion Marketing. Working my way up from the bottom, to a Brand Manager was one of the most challenging yet rewarding accomplishments I have achieved. Working with amazing people and learning so much from them is an experience I will treasure forever. Meeting incredible buyers/store owners over this time has given me such a broad understanding of the industry and greater knowledge of the retail market, and where it is headed. Which brings me here- our webstore. We need to be online to capture our customers whom which we cannot see on a face to face basis. Our customer who are after a premium product with great customer service and efficiency. The online market is growing rapidly and the future of established businesses needs to move with it. Our webstore represents a range of quality labels which we have in our boutique also. Only a selection of our brands are online at present. We carry a wider range in our Gymea store. Our reputation is building and we are being known for excellence in customer service. We have such a positive energy in store and our goal is to transport this through our webstore and capture the hearts we haven’t yet met.